Everyone has a story to share. Of losses of laurels. Of profit or mere fate. The man sitting next to you on the station, reading the newspaper ardently, has a lot to share. Once you start speaking to him, chances are you’ll come to know about his background, his family values and his general ideals in life.

Today, when I tried striking a conversation with such a man, I realised how lonely he was in life. How much he craved talking to someone. I asked him why was he sitting and reading at the station, was he waiting for someone? He replied in a stern voice.” Why? Do you want me to shift so you can sit comfortably ?” When I told him that I was just asking him out of curiosity and I was comfortable in my seat. He started talking…

“I live on this very station, my morning starts here and my night ends here. This is home for me. Its like I’m blessed to be living on a station named after Goddess Lakshmi. ” When I asked him about his work, he just smiled. After a moment of silence, he said,” I don’t have to work. ” I couldn’t understand what he had just said. I was thinking to myself. “Okay, so if he doesn’t work, then how does he survive ? The basic amenities are called Necessities cause they are important. How can life be possible without these ?”

While I was pondering over what he had said, he continued “I don’t work. Yes,I dont. There are so many people out there in Bombay, who feed me..so many people to take care of me. I have no family, but I feel like I have a big family. All those who share their food with me are my family. Some give me their used clothes and shoes. For them, they’re just clearing the junk from their homes. But, for people like me. It’s everything. You see this shirt I’m wearing, a lady gave this to me in a gift wrap on Christmas day. This is a brand new shirt, and I love it. “