About the Blog

This blog ‘The story behind the story’ is about expressing the stories within us anonymously. There is a lot in my heart, waiting to be spilled out in text. There may be a lot in your head too, though you’d have nobody to share your story with. I know, judgmental people. errgh!
Okay, that’s it on how judgmental people are (we’ll surely get back to that )so coming back to the introduction. Here we go..

I’m a 21 year old girl, who believes that stories are magic no matter how bitter they are, if shared can do Wonders! Sometimes, you’d find a way out! Sometimes, you’d feel happy to just share what’s been buried in your heart.

Why should you be reading this ?
Because, somewhere all of us are a little lonely..looking for acceptance and attention.
I’m gonna share my stories here and be all ears to yours.
Even if you want attention, that’s not bad, it’s nowhere because you are selfish. It’s natural and healthy to a certain level. Send in your stories or just read what others feel. here’s my email address – thestorybehindthestory1@gmail.com


A 21 year old giving you lectures, like seriously?
I know I know. All great men have been saying all their lives-Age doesn’t define experience, and I cant agree more. I’m not here to give a lecture to anyone. i’m just here to write my heart out and read  what others have to share.