A story of love and revenge for no reason!

Have you read or heard about popular couples of all times? Romeo Juliet? Ah, who hasn’t? We’ve all read Shakespeare and we know the love story of these two beautiful characters. To me, their story is on my fingertips, read it more than 10 times or so..as a part of school curriculum and later my college thought we should read it again. Do you think lovers like this exist in our century? or ever existed ?

Umm, I don’t know. maybe yes, maybe no.

Some people are fortunate enough to bump into their soulmate at the first go. While some have timelines, a long list probably by the time they meet their soulmate. We don’t plan making a list of our partners, we don’t plan meeting the wrong people, we don’t plan anything. And its better this way, humans aren’t the best planners. God definitely is.

We meet the wrong people, spend time with them fooling ourselves that we are gonna spend the rest of our lives with them. They abuse you, curse you and what not and you make yourself believe that this is probably how a relationship package is!

Ya so, I met a few assholes in my life too. Who definitely made my life a nightmare, one of them still makes me feel like I’m on a roller coaster that’s got no brakes.

The guy I dated, can sum him up in a single word ‘Psychopath’ Should’ve taken him to a psychiatrist, cause he needs one badly! I dated this guy for a time period of about 3.5-4 years. That’s a very long time to be with the wrong person. Right?

It all started when i was in 11th standard, it was pure peer pressure(at that time, I didn’t know if peer pressure existed, now i know it definitely is a big influence  in the decision making of adolescents) He was my friend’s friend, we landed up together because of social networking sites. What a disaster! This ba****d left no stone unturned to make my life miserable. He was a control freak, he would abuse me for not following what he wanted me to do. He would abuse me simply because he wasn’t in the mood to talk properly. He used me as a punching bag(not in the actual sense, or i would have kicked his groin)

This guy made me feel pathetic, if i spoke to any guy umm example a mechanic who had come to repair something at my house,  he’d say talking to guys isn’t alright. And if i spoke back saying it was just work related he would say “YOU ARE A WHORE, YOU BETTER NOT ARGUE WITH ME”

I know that’s a vague thing, and you might think that’s a stupid example. What he did was exactly this.I have all the stupid examples in this world. Sometimes I would keep thinking to myself..is he not from this generation or am too modern or is he bygone? What was it? He made me feel so pathetic, that every time I would end up feeling that it was all my fault.

Every time i got fed up of his stupidity and his anger and his abusive language, i would spell it out that i’m leaving him, he can rot in hell or do whatever he wants, I wouldn’t care. As soon as i made such a statement..it would hurt his big fat male ego. He would blackmail the shit outta me and tell me that he’d call on my landline number or tell my parents about it. The relationship was a secret as I belonged to a conservative family. He used this as a tool to scare me. Anyhow those years just went by, I dated another as***** for some months, he turned out to be a bigger nightmare.

I started talking to the first one again cause his mother was on her death bed and died in a few days of cancer. I thought he needed someone, out of pity I started talking. Later, we again came together..he apologized and said he would change his behavior. This time, it became all the more difficult for me to take his behavior. He didn’t change, not even a little.

One night, I decided that it was enough. I couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t even think it was necessary to take shit from anyone. I wasn’t sent on Earth to be bossed upon or to be ridiculed. I knew my worth and realized that it was high time, High time to say a goodbye. Forever.

I stopped taking his calls, ignored all his messages. Started to concentrate on my work, on my life, on my happiness. I didn’t want him to influence my life in  any way. He kept trying to contact me..sometimes he sent me emotional messages, other times he sent me messages of blackmailing. When I didn’t respond to anything, he made a fake ID uploaded his and mine photograph and sent a request to my family members. Though, nothing happened then, Thank God. we reported the profile and in no time it was no more on the website. He called my ,other on the landline and told her that he was my friend. He sent long messages to my sisters, first he sent emotional messages “I LOVE HER, I WANT HER BACK” Later, he started sending ugly messages of false allegations. One such allegation being that I had taken a big amount of money from him while we were together. He kept looking for options to contact me. I changed my number, he got my number from I don’t know where and started irritating me again.

He messaged everyone around me, some chose to ignore his messages while some replied rudely. He just din’t stop, he was the typical clingy leech. My brother interfered, for a while he stayed mum later he started bullshitting again.

For me, the biggest fear was this entire thing coming in front of my parents, cause they belong to a really conservative type. This guy, met my father and told him everything.

One fine day, when I was chirping around at home, my father came in a very sad mood when i asked him what had happened..the entire drama spilled out. He called me a whore and said bad words to me, I kept asking him what was the matter..when he explained everything to me. He believed all the false allegations that this guy had put on me.

The entire family got involved and now..my entire life is being controlled by them. Where I go, what I do, whom do I talk to. All of it.

Next month I was to go to another city for some work, my mother wants to tag along now. like wow. !
I spent 4 years in his jail, now its time for some family jail time.